Piper Chieftain PA 31-350


Ceiling: 7 300 m
Speed: 300 - 340 km/h
Duration: 5 h

 Cessna TU 206 F


Ceiling : 5 500 m,
Speed : 80 – 220 km/h,
Duration : 5h 30 min

 Piper Aztec


Ceiling : 7 000 m,
Speed 100 – 280 km/h,
Duration 7 hours


Cameras and sensors

  Large format digital  camera UltraCam X is the most up to date equipment used for aerial
  paging. It produces images in high resolution of 136 Mpix and the data can be delivered
  in RGB, Grayscale or CIR mode.


 camera UltraCam X
 aerial camera ZEISS LMK 2015
 aerial camera ZEISS LMK 15with additional lens cones LMK 9, LMK 30
 AISA – aerial hyperspectral pushbroom scanner

 Thermovision camera ThermaCAM PM 695
 Thermovision camera ThermaCAM P640


 ThermaCAM P640
 LMK cameras produce aerial images of 23x23 cm format. They are equiped with FMC
 (forward motion compensatin), which allows to take sharp images from low heights.
 Build in exposure meter ensures precise exposure of film. Camera LMK 2015 has
 a gyrostabilized mount which secure horizontal stability of the camera in bumpy conditions.
 Lens cone LMK 30 is convenient for taking images in urban areas.



 Camera LMK

Gyrostabilization frame SM 3000


 GSM 3000

Navigation equipment

  Win MP: software for mission planning
  CCNS navigation system for accurate guiding of aircraft during the mission


  IMU: inercial measurement unit for direct measurement of angles (kappa, phi, omega)
  Z – fly: 12 channel dual frequency GPS reciever, which is loading data for DGPS
  GrafNav/GrafNet : software for evaluation of DGPS measurements
  AEROoffice: software for calculation of direct position of the camera or sensor
  in the moment of exposure




Laboratory equipment

 COLENTA – processors with roller film and paper transport along with high quality chemistry ensure high quality of developed materials. All processors are equiped with infrared film position sensors and all the functions are controled by uncommitted chips.

Proces C-41 – development of color negativs, processor COLENTA 30-C41-30
Proces RA-4 – development of contact prints (papers and transparencies),
   processor COLENTA 58 RA 50 TT
Process Black and white – development of contact prints (papers and transparencies),    processor PROTEC COMPACT 35
Process Black and white – development of black and white negativs, processor COLENTA
SCANATRON P11 CC – Electronic copier with ECM (electronic contrast modulation) which
   allows to make precisely dodged prints. Value of the ECM can be set to achieve
   required dodging. Copier can produce color or black and white prints by switching
   between color or BW screen.
Denzitometr Meodenzi TRD-04 used for measuring control strips to ensure process control
   and stability
Water filtration is achieved by a set of wound candle filters which remove all particles larger
   than 5 microns
DEMIWA 10 ROI – device for water distillation

sample of copy SCANATRON